Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Join us for a sunrise trek to the summit of Mt. Batur (1717 meters) and experience the awesome beauty of an active volcano. Trekking in the cool, early morning darkness (torches, hiking sticks and wet weather gear supplied, if needed), we guide you on the one to two hour ascent up a 5km-long slope (challenging, but not too difficult if you go at a gentle pace) to arrive in time to witness a glorious sunrise and experience the stunning morning views of the surrounding crater and lake. Various steam vents of a live volcano adds to the excitement of the sunrise.

The tour includes pick up & drop off, snacks along the way, breakfast, coffee break, all equipment, guides & support team.

We pick you up early in the morning to get up to Mount Batur for a light snack around 3:30am so you can start the trek from 4am. This makes it possible for yo u to be up above the trees and clouds to see a spectacular sunrise from the Mt Batur’s Sunrise Point. If you are fit and arrive early, you also have the option of ascending to the summit before sunrise and rejoining the group to explore the crater. There are various caves and fumaroles, and troops of mis mischievous monkeys that live in the crater. After descending, we take you to the spectacular Lookout f or a buffet breakfast and photos to appreciate the route you just completed, before taking you back to your hotel. Our insurance policy covers all participants of this activity, who are aged between 12 years and 65 years old. Any participants outside this age group are uncovered by our insurance policy. We require them to be accompanied by a strong responsible adult within this age group. We suggest you check your own insurance policy to ensure it covers this kind of activity.


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Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking
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